How People Rock Silk Fashion

More and more people choose wearing silk clothing like silk dress, silk gown, silk sleepwear. Not only 100% mulberry silk is a great choice for skin care, but also it means high class. Today we’re gonna have a look about how people rock silk fashion.

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Delicate Sleepwear,Too Beautiful to Fall Asleep

Learning to be elegant is a compulsory course for girls in their growth. However, real elegance is not just shining bright in the crowds, but keeping graceful even when alone.

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Pink Bedroom Color Ideas And Home Decro

Pink is always the first choice to girls for bedroom decro. It’s beautiful, sweet and dreamy, especially when it goes with other colors, like mint, white, etc. And here we will introduce bedroom decro with pink theme. Pink flowers, silk pillowcases, pink sheets, computer, cosmetics.  Just scroll down to get all of them!

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5 Ways to Improve Home Happiness

1.Lounger: A multi-functional lounge chair,it is easy to turn into a comfortable single bed.








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2.Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

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3.Sunset lights& String lights







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4.Silk Bedding

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5.Plants and Pets


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How to ease off agrypnia and sleep like a baby?

1. Choose a good aroma diffuser and use some essential oilPhoto credits: muji

2.Clean your bedding and move everything else away

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3.Buy yourself a silk bedding line,enjoy the softness of the silk 

4.Turn off your smart phone

5.Listen to some classical music, such as Mozart, Shuman,etcPhoto credits:

6.Buy a good eye mask

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A Few Common Bedroom Color Collocation Methods

Every day people live in a world full of various brilliant colors. In home decoration area, color use is essential too, especially for bedroom, pretty bedroom colors can improve people’s sleep quality and lifestyle. Which bedroom colors are reasonable and sweet? This is exactly what we are talking about today.

1. Simple and harmonious white bedroom

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2. Elegant and quiet blue bedroom

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3. Sweet and romantic pink bedroom

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4. Energetic green bedroom

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5. Sexy burgundy bedroom

6. Mysterious purple bedroom

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Six Tips for Choosing a Wedding Gift

Summer day is coming. In this fabulous season, many couples choose to end their relationship but enter into the world of marriage. As a family member or a friend of them, are you troubled in choosing wedding gift for your kinship or your best friend? Here we provide 6 tips for you!

1.Choose a box of chocolates

Chocolates are considered as symbol of love, which makes people happy. If your friend/your kinship is a chocolate lover, you could choose a proper brand to send him/her your best wishes. There are so many types of chocolates, such as black chocolate, white chocolate, etc.

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2.Silk bedding or other silk products

Silk has a long history. In ancient times, it was noble family’s privilege. Now lots of middle-class family begin to enjoy the happiness of silk. Choosing a silk product shows your sincerity and your wishes!

3.Why not try a delicate carpet?

The delicate carpet man-made will definitely delight the house. If you know your buddy or your kinship’s taste, just go to the shop and buy a nice carpet ! It’s a lovely gift, at the meantime, it doesn’t cost much!

4.Choose a beautiful lantern for them

For younger couples, interior decoration costs so much, so let’s share their burden and make efforts to make their life better!

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5.What about sending some succulent plants?

Succulent plants are not only beautiful but also good for health. The storage of water often gives succulent plants a more swollen or fleshy appearance than other plants. They will make the house more beautiful.

6.A set of tableware is also a good choice

Tableware is part of daily life. There are various materials, such as silver, china, plastic, glass, etc. Just go and choose one according to his/her home style! They will surely appreciate it.

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27 Looks about Pajamas Street Fashion

Pajamas have occupied a variety of street shoots and headlines.
Now “pajamas wind” is easy to back again, shines on the show stage. Givenchy, Celine and other big brands all show their “dress-like pajamas” style, present us sexy, gorgeous silk fashion.
Boil a cup of coffee, view the city through a bright floor window. Paris was supposed to be so unintentional in the morning. Don’t take off your soft silk sleepwear before you go out, it’s stylish and elegant to go out with a coat together.
Going out in a full suite of pajamas, feels like a young girl sneaks out of house.
A variety of stripes have always been the most important element in the pajama world, it’s all pretty no matter how matching.
In recent years, a lot of women suits have been deliberately designed to be lazy pajamas style, wearing with a white T-shirt that is stylish enough.

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