How to start a beautiful morning?

How you start the morning determines how you will spend your whole day. The top 3 things you can do to start you rmorning better.

Waking up on the comfortable bed and comfortable sleepwear is the most important thing. Yes, I wake up beautiful like this!

And when you wake up next to a beauty, wouldn’t that just make your day better?

Go to run after the rising sun, the warmth and sweat will wake you up for sure!

After running and shower, sit down for a nice breakfast, gain your energy for the day.

Then work and school awaits for the energetic you! Go and enjoy the whole day.


Silk Robe–Stylish and Romantic

Wearing silk robe, feeling the ever smoothness.

The gentle touch of the silk on your skin, the softness nourish every inch.

The shinny silk robe is very high profile, such elegant item can be wore at home or on the street.

If you ever feel silk robe, you will never go back to other materials, it is so light and comfortable.

Silk robe, the weight and the texture is just right for any occasion. 

Wear silk robe today and feel the super softness, smoothness and elegance.


Combination of maturity & Cuteness– Pink Silk Sheets Sets

There isn’t anything more beautiful than pink silk sheet sets, silk is luxurious and mature, but pink is such a cute and lovely color.

As you slide your fingers on the silk sheet, you can feel the smooth and delicate texture of mulberry silk.

If you haven’t used pink silk sheet,  you should definitely give it a try. It looks so plain and yet so cute. Even the edge of silk sets look so detailed and elegant.

Trying silk is just like a wonderful journey to a dreamland, so soft like in clouds, so smooth like in the water. It gives you the most comfortable experience.

Reward yourself with a set of silk bedding with pink colors, it is the best you can have. OOSILK keeps you company when you sleep.


5 Awesome Hacks to Decorate A Small Bedroom

It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny apartment, what really matters is how you decorate it and how you can make it comfortable. Here are 5 awesome hacks to build yourself a nice little bedroom.

Leave enough space for activity. Once you have enough empty space in the room, it won’t look so crowded. The room will automatically look bigger.

Use any space you can get to store things. Under the bed? On the wall? Inside your chair? All these space can be used to store things you won’t use every day.

Big window! It is really important that you can have sunshine in your room every day, a big and nice window can really help the room look bigger and brighter.

Light color Curtains can add different flavor to your room. So your room won’t look too boring.

Where you position the light is also a very nice way to decorate the room. Certain lighting will make the room look more harmonious.




Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Carpet

Carpet is a piece of decoration that is necessary when it comes to creating atmosphere and personalities. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a carpet.The size of the carpet should be determined by the size of the furniture you already have.


The color of the carpet can make the furniture stand out. Normally, black, white ,nude and brown are the most common colors that won’t look too odd with most furniture. They will look harmonious and peaceful together.

The theme of your house is also an important factor. Whether your house is a modern, contemporary, rustic, resort or hotel luxury style, your carpet should be the same style as your house.

The last and equally important factor is the health influence. When choosing the material f the carpet, you should consider your own health state. Are you allergic to fur or hair? If so, wool or furry carpet should not be your option.

5 Items that can Lift the Happiness in Your House

A house is just a house, but with people living in it, it is truly a home. With the help of some small items, it can turn into a happy place.

The first item is storage space. Yes, it is for storing things, but the storing space itself is a decoration.

The second item is essential oil and aromatherapy will give out beautiful sent to the room.

Stickers are also very sparkling items that can add more factors into the room.

Eye mask is a very portable item.When you want to take a nap but still want to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine through your living room window.



How to Choose Good Silk

Silk is a very good material for bedding and sleepwear. But identify the good silk is very important when buying.

Real and good silk is smooth but not shinny that you can see a reflection. It has beautiful gloss and it is light. When you rub it, it wrinkles.

When you pick out some threads and burn them, you can’t see flame, the ashes will be small black things that you can crush with your fingers.

When you touch the good silk, it is smooth but a little hard-going at the same time.

You can also check the handcraft of the silk products. The stitching should be neat and in a straight line. Check if there is any loosing strings.












Silk Underwear— Innovation in ladies Underwear

When silk clothes become popular, silk underwear draws more attention than before. Silk underwear is silky, smooth, luxurious and elegant. Natural silk has millions of holes inside so skin can breathe through it.

Silk underwear has excellent stretching ability so it can fir your skin and you will feel comfortable when you wear it.

Silk underwear feels cool and soft. As silk has a natural function of keeping the moisture inside. So your skin won’t feel dry.

Silk is nature protein, so it contains a lot of things that can benefit human body. And for your delicate skin, silk is best because it is anti-bacteria.


Looking Fabulous In Your Sleep

Sleepwear is something when you wear when you sleep, it can be your comfort outfit, your little sexy trick or your personal little secret.

Enjoying the little ‘me’ time alone at night after shower. Reading or watching a movie on your bed with your favorite silk sleepwear. What a nice time!

Having a comfortable and beautiful sleepwear helps you enjoy your sleep time and staying at home time.

3 Ways to Decorate Your Bay Window

Bay window, sometimes it has actual function, you can store stuff there, hang your clothes there, sometimes you can decorate it into a small book corner or a place to chill out.

If you have a smaller bay window, you can choose to make it into a small corner in your bedroom, where you can put some plant on it, store some books there.

If you have a bigger bay window, it is definitely a good idea to put some blankest or cushions on it, so it can be a chill corner, you can read books and relax on it.

If you have a even bigger bay window,why not turn it into a small table or even a bed? It can a open living room for yourself.