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Cotton Covered Baby Silk Duvet

SKU: OS2119
Baby needs the best! OOSILK baby silk duvets are natural, light, and comfortable to babies. These are finest silk products filled with 100% Grade A long fibre mulberry silk floss, which will offer very nice sleep. We can make any size you want upon any demand of you.

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Regular Price: $89.00

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Cotton Covered Baby Silk Duvet. Baby Silk Duvet | Children Silk Duvets -- OOSILK

Rating: 100/100 based on 7 review(s)
  • Price: $85.00 - In stock
  • Product ID: OS2119


Product Details:

  • Style: Baby silk duvet.
  • Cover Fabric: 100% premium cotton of 300 TC.
  • Inner Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand mulberry silk floss..
  • Closure: Small zipper on the side of the comforter for silk floss filling authenticity inspection.
  • Corner Ties: 4 ties tacked at the inside corners to the shell to keep the comforter in place.
  • Quilted design: The stitching structure makes the comforter not easily move around or clump up.
  • Benefits: Soft, smooth, breathable, lightweight, skin care, sleep promotion, anti-bacteria, moisture absorption.
  • International Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100.
  • Spot clean with lukewarm water. Air dry regularly each season in sunlight. Hang dry. Cool Iron. Avoid direct sunlight exposure. Avoid machine wash if possible.
  • 100% Returning and Exchange Guarantee
  • Delicate gift wrapping with ribbon

Organic Natural Materials

  • Mulberry leaves Fresh organic mulberry leaves provide the nutrition silkworms need. No chemical is used in the process of growing of the mulberry
  • silkworm Healthy silkworms are raised under suitable and comfortable environment. They eat organic mulberry leaves and produce the best silk.
  • silk Pure white cocoons made by silkworms are selected and kept for making silk products. We only choose the long fiber ones so that the silk will be durable and strong.

Designed in Suzhou, China

Suzhou has been at the centre of China’s illustrious silk trade for centuries. OOSILK adopts the best raw material from Suzhou, which ensures the premium quality of the silk products. While the professional workers with more than 10 years’ working experience in silk industry, fine craftship and advanced machines are the best guarantee of processing. OOSILK is dedicated in provide the best silk products.

1) Anti-aging fiber

The amino acids inside the silk can help human body with the process of metabolism, thus the waste can be released through your skin.

2) Prevent hair loss and hair knotting

Silk fiber has the same structure as human hair, your hair can slide over the silk pillowcase freely over the night, you will see less hair loss and no bed head.

3) Natural temperature regulator

Silk pillowcases are extremely soft and breathable. Pillowcase can absorb the excessive moisture and keep the moisture your body needs. You won’ t feel hot and dry after you wake up.
Exquisite box

Gift wrapping:

OOSILK special customizes the box to pack the products. We wrap each order as a delicate gift with our sincere thanks and greatest appreciations to our wonderful customers. The box is made of high quality paper to prevent the products from breaking. We aim to provide you the best shopping experience from online purchasing to package delivering. Hope you will surprise when unpacking the parcel.

Momme Custom Options

  • 19mm Free and Fast Shipping

    Delivery and Returns: Free shipping for all orders. 2-3 working-day dispatch time on most orders. 2-3 days delivery time worldwide. 45-day money back guarantee. All products are customizable and shipped to all over the world.
  • 22mm Finest quality guarantee

    OOSILK is picky in silk fabric selection, only the best mulberry silk fabric can be chosen as raw material. OOSILK’s silk products are a combination of softness, smoothness, and durability.
  • 25mm Affordable Price

    Owning our own factory and supply mean cutting the unnecessary expense in the processing for our customers.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Origin SuZhou
Material 100% Grade A long fibre mulberry silk
Thread count 300 TC Cotton case
Washcare Don’t need to wash, air them each season in sunlight, Dry clean only if necessary
Color White
buyshow N/A



Fewer sleep crease

Silk pillowcase is believed as a anti aging product, due to it’s wonderful features.

Prevent hair loss and hair knotted

Cotton’s fiber will be tangled with your hair all the night, it will result in hair loss and hair damaged. Silk fiber is just similar as human hair’s fiber, thus your hair can slide over the silk pillowcase freely over the night, in this way, you will see less hair loss and bed head.

Natural temperature regulator

Silk pillowcases are extremely soft and breathable. Sleeping on silk is very cool, if you are suffering from “sweats”, a silk pillowcase will helps you a lot.

Average Rating:
7 reviews
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7 Item(s)

Just perfect
This is a great buy. Soft like silk indeed! I got it for two of my kids (11 and 9), as they wanted "quality bedding". Great buy!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Five Stars
Love it!! So soft and comfortable. I will buy another one for my

Yes, I recommend this product.

A great buy
Love this silk duvet! It is light weight . Great product.

Yes, I recommend this product.

This is the most comfortable cover that I have slept with on my bed, and I have slept under this comforter during the hottest summer month of August and throughout the cooler month of September. Here in the southwest, in August the temperature exceeds 115 degrees during the late hours of the day, and then slightly cools down in the evenings. Our nighttime temperatures hover within the range of 105 – 110 degrees.

However, despite the heat, when I sleep I need some covering with a little weight, and just a light top sheet just does not work for me. At night, and when I sleep, my body generates a lot of heat and my husband says I’m like a hot, heat-producing furnace. Even a light blanket is too warm because it seems to retain my body heat and I would toss and turn and kick the blanket off the bed, and then retrieve it a few minutes later. I am a restless sleeper during the hot summer months, because I’m just too hot to sleep, and even with the fan and air conditioner working, my body still retains and emits an extraordinary amount of warmth.

Hot August Evenings:
This silk comforter is thin and lightweight, although it’s more substantial than just a top sheet. In addition, this seems to keep my body a little cooler during our summer heat. As long as the comforter remains loose and not tucked under the mattress, it seems to let the air circulate, which eliminates the extra heat coming from my own body. Therefore, this meets my requirements for a summer covering without the stifling and heavy bulkiness that I will kick off the bed while sleeping.

Cooler September Evenings:
From the beginning of August, through the end of September, our night temperatures have dropped about 15 degrees. These cooler temperatures allow us to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows for some fresh air. Over the last few mornings, I have noticed that although I’m cozy and warm under the silk comforter, when I get up, there is a chill in the air from the open windows. Therefore, this silk comforter works to keep me cooler on the hot August evenings, but it also keeps me warmer during the start of autumn when the temperatures have dropped about 15 degrees.

In conclusion, silk has the ability to keep me cool during the hot summer evenings and warmer when the temperature drops. According to my research, silk allows body heat to disperse, whereas the conventional polyester, and the down and feather duvets work similar to a pressure cooker. When sleeping, body heat reflects back from the duvet, which is a natural process to keep warm, but it also results in overheating, when the current temperature in a room is at a higher and warmer range. Therefore, a silk duvet helps my body to regulate my own natural heat.

The OOSILK Mulberry silk comforter has a few notable features. The silk floss filling lays very flat and level, it never bunches up or slopes over to the ends. Unlike other comforters, the OOSILK duvet has stitched sections along the sides, bottom, top, and throughout the middle to keep the filling in place. Therefore, it’s impossible for the silk floss filling to spread out and form clumps, and this provides ultimate and uniform comfort. The filling in my other comforters tend to thicken in some areas and thin out in other spots. I also have some others that I refuse to use as their filling drops down around my feet, which leaves my top half cold, and the lower half of my body and feet uncomfortably hot.

At the top corner and by the OOSILK label is a small hidden zippered pocket that leads to the filling, and I can see that this duvet contains genuine, thick strands of soft silk filling floss. The cover is a cotton fabric with loops attached on the four corners to tie securely within a separate duvet cover.

There is a misconception that a silk duvet is hard to maintain, but contrary to that belief, a silk duvet is the easiest, because a silk duvet requires a duvet cover. Silk by nature is both mildew and mold resistant, and the recommended maintenance is to air-out the silk duvet in the fresh air to restore the natural properties, which keeps the duvet in the best condition. Therefore, only the separate duvet covering requires any regular cleaning. The silk duvet itself remains protected inside another fabric casing. Otherwise, a gentle ‘spot-wash’ should be all right. Only and if necessary, would I take the silk duvet to a TRUSTED dry cleaner, as they are the specialists for cleaning all fabric materials.

Yes, I recommend this product.

I’ve been using this OOSILK 100% Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter for a few weeks now and I must say that I am impressed. Now I will say that this comforter does not make the bed itself, it does not tuck me in at night on its own and it does not kick me out of bed in the morning after I’ve hit the snooze button too many times. BUT, given the price point, I will say that there are plenty of great benefits of using this silk comforter. It’s great for regulating my body temperature – I don’t feel the need to kick this off at night because I’m too hot. A silk filled comforter is a natural temperature regulator, make you cool in summer and warm in winter, great for people who are have night sweats.

The comforter has a nice weight to it, but it’s not REALLY heavy – it’s very comfortable and soothing to lie under. This comforter is made of 100% mulberry silk filling and because silk is a natural protein, it’s hypoallergenic and is a natural deterrent for dust mites! AND, there was no weird smell when I opened the package!

As for cleaning, silk comforters are the easy to maintain. With property usage, no washing or dry cleaning is required, mostly due to silks
nature of being mildew and mold resistant. Proper usage implies using a duvet cover at all times to protect the silk comforter, so only cleaning of the duvet cover is necessary. However, if you really need to clean the silk comforter for whatever reason, then either spot cleaning by hand is the preferred cleaning method. Please note that frequent washing may damage the layering system of the silk comforter, so it is not recommended to machine wash the silk comforter unless it is absolutely necessary.

Benefits of using a silk comforter:

Silk, being a natural product is breathable and so enables your body to maintain a more stable temperature. This combined with some innovative duvet manufacturing techniques results in a duvet that really can change the way you sleep.

Heat regulating
During the manufacturing process layer upon layer of long fiber mulberry silk floss is placed one on top of the other. This process is repeated until the desired weight is achieved. Layering the silk creates an intricate grid design, which is key to the heat regulating function of the duvet. Because the silk floss has been layered and not stuffed into the duvet covering, the silk is able to let some heat escape through the grid design. This results in a more pleasant sleep because our body temperature is kept at a more constant temperature throughout the night.

Silk has some amazing hypoallergenic properties. Silk is a natural protein and therefore is far less hospitable to dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Up to 20,000 dust mites have been known to live in a single mattress. The use of silk bedding and silk filled duvets greatly reduces the amount of dust mites in the bedroom.

Luxurious comfort
The nature of long-strand silk fibers mean a silk duvet is just as warm but much lighter than traditional duvets, and drapes over your body instead of "suffocating" you with the bulk of a conventional duvet.

Are silk duvets as warm as traditional duvets?
Yes. One Silk is a completely different type of material to traditional duvet fillings and as a result is not measured by the traditional tog system. Down duvets cover the body with sheer bulk - the more bulk the higher the tog value. Silk duvets are thinner than down by nature allowing the duvet to drape over the body. Down duvets form a physical barrier between your body and your surroundings, meaning the heat you give off reflects directly back at you. This process continues throughout the night resulting in overheating. Much like a pressure cooker, down duvets can't let heat dissipate. Silk duvets are designed to allow air to flow more freely and thus regulate your body's heat. The result is your body stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Yes, I recommend this product.

I am not new to Oosilk products. I have a couple of their pillow cases, and we love them. I use one, and my older son uses one. I have insane life threatening allergies, and even most fabrics bother me. My skin itches incessantly, and then my throat starts to close. So, I am highly picky and critical over fabric, and how the fabric was processed. They use so many chemicals nowadays on fabrics. I was highly relieved when the comforter arrived in the same wonderful condition my past pillow cases arrived in. It arrived sealed in a space bag, completely compressed. So, when you open it up, the blanket immediately starts to puff up. It had absolutely no odor to it at all! It smelled nice and fresh. I had no stains, snags, or tears on my comforter. It arrived in perfect condition. The shell is made out of 100% high quality cotton, 300TC. You can tell it truly is higher quality because the 300 TC is so soft and supple. It’s wonderful against my skin. I’ve purchased 300TC sheets in the past, and they have been really rough and scratchy. The filling is “filled with 100% natural long strand mulberry silk”’. They have a small zipper down one of the seams. Lol. It took me forever to find it. This is really just so you can check the contents. This silk is supposed to work like wool. It will help you feel cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. It has natural antibacterial properties as well. Dust mites also do not like it. I am highly allergic to dust mites, so I love that! It really makes a difference if you do suffer from dust mite allergies. I love being able to put my face into a blanket and inhaling without coughing afterwards. This really is a great product. They suggest using a duvet cover with it, along with airing it out. When you need to have it cleaned, dry clean it only. Otherwise. Lightly spot clean it with warm water and air dry it. They state this comforter is chemical free, and I would have to agree since I can’t tolerate those chemicals used at all. This is not a heavy comforter, by any means, but the silk filling really does its’ job. It’s a very comfortable blanket to use. My husband has an internal furnace when he sleeps, but I always use a blanket up to my chin, year round. This really helps us both out. I absolutely love this comforter, and have no complaints whatsoever.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Good product
I bought this for my baby It's a lovely product - great for a gift
as well.

Yes, I recommend this product.


7 Item(s)

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