Why OOSilk?


1.Pure Natural Long Fiber:

  • Baby silkworms who eat organic leaves are raised under very comfortable environment.
  • Baby silkworms make silk and seal themselves in the cocoon.
  • All the silk is high quality long fiber, which are the best fiber to make bedding products.

2.Experienced Handcraft:

nature silk
  • Experienced workers doing the silk stripping
  • Experienced workers doing the silk pulling
  • Workers sewing and locating the comforter
  • Experienced workers who have been working in this field for over 10 years.
  • Members of our making department team are workers who have been in this industry for over 10 years. The silk products are all handmade, taking days to months to process. Their handling of silk will guarantee the best selecting, best silk stripping, silk pulling and sewing.


1.Comfortable feeling:

The pure silk has great biocompatibility with human body, and it is very smooth that it won’t rub harshly against human skin, so it won’t hurt the human skin.

2.Absorbing and releasing the moisture:

Silk can keep the moisture of skin when it is under normal temperature, so you won’t feel hot. And it can release the moisture when it’s hot and when you sweat, so you can feel cool.

3.Beauty benefits:

Silk has over 18 amino acids that can help the skin with the process of metabolism, so the waste inside the skin will be out, the moisture will be kept. Your skin will be nourished when wearing silk.


1.Before Sales:

For any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us with the online chat tool at the right bottom corner on our website, and you can also contact us through e-mail: sales@oosilk.com

2.After Sales:

For any after-sale problem, you can contact us through e-mail: service@oosilk.com. We will answer all your doubts and meet all your demands. 100% return/ exchange/refund guarantee within 45 days (Quality issues only)



The wrapping and gift box of sleep mask and pillowcase are very delicate.

They are luxurious gifts for yourself and to close friends on different occasions:

Wanna surprise your loving one with a special gift which is luxurious-looking, health-caring and love-showing? OOSILK has soft and organic pillowcases and eye mask which will be perfect as gifts when someone is celebrating their birthday!
On the day of love and vows, to show your sincere congratulation to this loving couple. What s better than OOSILK pure white dressing gown for the bride? To love is to receive a glimpse from heaven.
OOSILK sees every customer as our friend, we want to offer you the most luxurious, most delicate, most loving packing for OOSILK products. OOSILK is not only providing products for you, but also giving you a gift showing our care and love.


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